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 2019 Verdelho
From $30 per bottle
2019 Verdelho Hanging Tree Wines 2019 Verdelho
Light green and lemon hues with an aromatic nose of passionfruit, pineapple and kiwi fruit
2012 Grenache Merlot "Mings Selection''
From $50 per bottle
2012 Grenache Blend Hanging Tree Wines 2012 Grenache Merlot "Mings Selection''
Black plum in colour with aromas of ripe cherries and stewed plum mixed with cloves and spicy nutmeg.
2013 Blacksmith's Reserve Shiraz Cabernet
From $65 per bottle
2013 Shiraz Cabernet Hanging Tree Wines 2013 Blacksmith's Reserve Shiraz Cabernet
A limited release dedicated to the Blacksmith's House & history of the property
2014 Limited Release  - Hunter Valley Semillon
From $50 per bottle
2014 Semillon Hanging Tree Wines 2014 Limited Release - Hunter Valley Semillon
Beautiful golden colour, zesty lemon flavours with honey & toasty nuttiness.
2014 Limited Release - Hunter Valley Shiraz
From $80 per bottle
2014 Shiraz Hanging Tree Wines 2014 Limited Release - Hunter Valley Shiraz
The palate is peppery and earthy with flavours of plum, blackberry and cherry.
2016 Cabernet Merlot
From $35 per bottle
2016 Cabernet Blend 2016 Cabernet Merlot
2016 Cabernet Merlot
2016 Merlot
From $35 per bottle
2016 Merlot Hanging Tree Wines 2016 Merlot
Special Release: Light, soft and smooth with a hint of cinnamon oak
2017 Cabernet Sauvignon 'Aprils Selection'
From $40 per bottle
2017 Cabernet Sauvignon Hanging Tree Wines 2017 Cabernet Sauvignon 'Aprils Selection'
A superb Cabernet Sauvignon, with a bouquet of ripe plum and marinated black olives.
2017 Petit Verdot
From $40 per bottle
2017 Petit Verdot Hanging Tree Wines 2017 Petit Verdot
A Juicy Wine with Tight Tannins & Long Finish
2017 Signature Shiraz
From $40 per bottle
2017 Shiraz Hanging Tree Wines 2017 Signature Shiraz
Just like your very own signature, our Signature Shiraz has its own identity as a truly unique Hunter Valley Wine
2018 Rose
From $30 per bottle
2018 White Wine Hanging Tree Wines 2018 Rose
Vibrant, refreshing palate with intense passion fruit and tropical fruit flavours.
2019 Horse Whisperer's Chardonnay
From $35 per bottle
2019 Chardonnay Hanging Tree Wines 2019 Horse Whisperer's Chardonnay
Pale yellow in color with aromas of ripe melon, honeysuckle and peach.
2019 Semillon
From $30 per bottle
2019 Semillon Hanging Tree Wines 2019 Semillon
Lemon yellow hues and aromas of delicate grapefruit, lime and lemon.
Botrytis Semillon
From $30 per bottle
Botrytis Semillon Hanging Tree Wines Botrytis Semillon
Intense honeysuckle and floral aromas make up this dessert wine
NV Aged Liqueur Muscat
From $35 per bottle
Muscat Hanging Tree Wines NV Aged Liqueur Muscat
An indulgent delight - sticky date pudding in a bottle!
NV Sparkling Brut
From $30 per bottle
Sparkling White Wine Hanging Tree Wines NV Sparkling Brut
A lively sparkling wine with aromas of toast and honey
NV Sparkling Moscato
From $30 per bottle
Sweet Sparkling Wine Hanging Tree Wines NV Sparkling Moscato
Flavours of fruit tingle lollies and musk 
Sparkling Shiraz
From $35 per bottle
Sparkling Red Wine Sparkling Shiraz
Sparkling Shiraz
Sweet Shiraz ''Carols Selection''
From $30 per bottle
2016 Sweet Reds Hanging Tree Wines Sweet Shiraz ''Carols Selection''
An exceptional Shiraz where fermentation was stopped early to retain natural fruit sweetness.
Tawny Trop
From $30 per bottle
Port & Tawny Tawny Trop
What is Trop backwards?
Vista Series Shiraz
From $35 per bottle
2016 Shiraz Vista Series Shiraz
A Shiraz that is full flavoured, fruity and luscious.
Vista Series Shiraz Cabernet
From $35 per bottle
2016 Shiraz Cabernet Vista Series Shiraz Cabernet
Made from 2016 Vintage Black Shiraz and Cabernet grapes grown in the Hunter Valley.