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Lockdown Specials

LOCKDOWN Sparkling Brut Special (6pk)
$135 each
Sparkling Wine LOCKDOWN Sparkling Brut Special (6pk)
A 6pk of zesty sherbet tingles and tropical fruit salad to keep you toasty during Lockdown!
LOCKDOWN Sparkling Shiraz Special (6pk)
$157.50 each
Sparkling Wine LOCKDOWN Sparkling Shiraz Special (6pk)
Indulge with a 6pk of our Sparkling Shiraz - at 25% off. Blackcurrant & coconut oak yumminess!
LOCKDOWN Sparkling Moscato Special (6pk)
$135 each
Sparkling Wine LOCKDOWN Sparkling Moscato Special (6pk)
Light, refreshing, floral & fruity - perfect for any occasion... especially Lockdown!
LOCKDOWN Spring into 2021 Semillon (6pk)
$154.50 each
2021 White Wine LOCKDOWN Spring into 2021 Semillon (6pk)
Explore the different styles of a 2021 Hunter Semillon: classic, blended, and off-dry... all at 25% off!
LOCKDOWN New Release Premium Reds (6pk)
$240 each
Multiple Vintage Red Wine LOCKDOWN New Release Premium Reds (6pk)
Indulge in a mixed selection of our New Release Premium Reds... save $115 with this pack!

Sparkling & Sweets

Sparkling Brut
$30 each
Sparkling White Wine Hanging Tree Wines Sparkling Brut
A lively sparkling wine with aromas of toast and honey
Sparkling Moscato
$30 each
Sweet Sparkling Wine Hanging Tree Wines Sparkling Moscato
Red toffee apple, fruit tingle lollies and plump red strawberries!
Sparkling Shiraz
$35 each
Sparkling Red Wine Sparkling Shiraz
Ripe berry, subtle coconut oak & spice. Enjoy with BBQ ribs, roast turkey, or dark chocolate mousse!
Botrytis Semillon
$30 each
Botrytis Semillon Hanging Tree Wines Botrytis Semillon
Intense honeysuckle and floral aromas... Liquid Gold in a glass!
Tawny Trop
$30 each
Port & Tawny Tawny Trop
What is Trop backwards?
Aged Liqueur Muscat
$35 each
Muscat Hanging Tree Wines Aged Liqueur Muscat
An indulgent delight - sticky date pudding in a bottle!
2021 Late Harvest Semillon
$38 each
2021 Semillon 2021 Late Harvest Semillon
A refreshing semi-sweet, indulgent twist on the classic Hunter Valley Semillon. A fruit salad in a bottle!
Cazz's Indulgent Shiraz
$35 each
2019 Sweet Reds Hanging Tree Wines Cazz's Indulgent Shiraz
Delicate red fruit, silky smooth tannins. Serve chilled with pasta, pizza, cheese.

White Wines

LIMITED RELEASE: Aged Hunter Semillon 2014
$80 each
2014 Semillon Hanging Tree Wines LIMITED RELEASE: Aged Hunter Semillon 2014
Beautiful golden colour, zesty lemon flavours with honey & toasty nuttiness.
2021 Semillon Chardonnay
$35 each
2021 Semillon Chardonnay 2021 Semillon Chardonnay
Stone fruit, tropical flavours & overlaying fresh lemon citrus.
2021 Verdelho
$30 each
2021 Verdelho 2021 Verdelho
Tropical flavours with a crisp finish!
2017 Fume Blanc
$35 each
2017 Fumé Blanc 2017 Fume Blanc
Barrel-aged Hunter Valley Semillon. Toasty caramel latte! Enjoy with a cheese platter or arancini balls.
2019 Horse Whisperer's Chardonnay
$35 each
2019 Chardonnay Hanging Tree Wines 2019 Horse Whisperer's Chardonnay
Pale yellow in color with aromas of ripe melon, honeysuckle and peach.
2020 Rose
$30 each
2020 Rosé 2020 Rose
Passionfruit, citrus, tropical notes. Rosé all-day!
2020 Sauvignon Blanc Semillon
$30 each
2020 Sauvignon Blanc Semillon Hanging Tree Wines 2020 Sauvignon Blanc Semillon
Vibrant, rich, tropical grapefruit & lemon citrus
2021 Pinot Grigio
$30 each
2021 Pinot Grigio 2021 Pinot Grigio
Refreshing fruit flavours of lime, citrus, poached pear - perfect for those warm, summer days!
2021 Semillon
$30 each
2021 Semillon 2021 Semillon
Lively & Vibrant: Grapefruit, lime, lemon

Red Wines

2018 Vista Series Shiraz
$40 each
2018 Shiraz 2018 Vista Series Shiraz
Full flavoured, luscious palate & creamy rich tannins
2020 Vista Shiraz
$35 each
2020 Shiraz 2020 Vista Shiraz
Aromas of raspberry and black cherry. Juicy fruit intensity with vanilla oak finish.
2015 Vista Shiraz Cabernet
$35 each
2015 Shiraz Cabernet 2015 Vista Shiraz Cabernet
Savoury textures with dark forest fruit notes.
2016 Vista Series Shiraz Cabernet
$35 each
2016 Shiraz Cabernet 2016 Vista Series Shiraz Cabernet
Made from 2016 Vintage Black Shiraz and Cabernet grapes grown in the Hunter Valley.
2018 Vista Series Shiraz Cabernet
$35 each
2018 Shiraz Cabernet 2018 Vista Series Shiraz Cabernet
Blackcurrant and savoury oak characters.
2019 Vista Shiraz Cabernet
$35 each
2019 Shiraz Cabernet 2019 Vista Shiraz Cabernet
Ripe red cherries, mulberries and dark fruit flavours
2014 Cabernet Sauvignon
$45 each
2014 Cabernet Sauvignon 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon
Dark berry fruits, blackcurrant, mocha, soft oak. Enjoy with Asian cuisine, marinated vegetables or roast beef.
2017 'April's Selection' Cabernet Sauvignon
$45 each
2017 Cabernet Sauvignon Hanging Tree Wines 2017 'April's Selection' Cabernet Sauvignon
A superb Cabernet Sauvignon, with a bouquet of ripe plum and marinated black olives.
2017 Petit Verdot
$40 each
2017 Petit Verdot Hanging Tree Wines 2017 Petit Verdot
A Juicy Wine with Tight Tannins & Long Finish
2016 Hunter Valley Merlot
$35 each
2016 Merlot 2016 Hunter Valley Merlot
Strawberry, cinnamon oak, violets, cherry blossom. Subtle tannins.
2018 Cabernet Merlot
$35 each
2018 Cabernet Merlot 2018 Cabernet Merlot
Fruit driven & rich, with subtle oak. Easy-drinking yumminess!
2020 Lauren's Cabernet Merlot
$50 each
2020 Cabernet Merlot Hanging Tree Wines 2020 Lauren's Cabernet Merlot
Dedicated to our cellar door manager, Lauren. It's positively vibrant, well-balanced, soft, round & easy!
2019 Durif
$60 each
2019 Durif Hanging Tree Wines 2019 Durif
Vibrant, aromatic, deep in colour and flavour
2018 Blacksmith's Shiraz Cabernet
$90 each
2018 Shiraz Cabernet 2018 Blacksmith's Shiraz Cabernet
Rich plum fruit, licorice, boysenberries, creamy vanillin oak
2019 Shiraz Durif
$50 each
2019 Shiraz Blend Hanging Tree Wines 2019 Shiraz Durif
Blueberries, black plum, boysenberries, liquorice, violets. Enjoy with rib eye, roast beef, stews, or goat's cheese.
Tawny Trop Flagon (2L)
$120 each
Only 5 left in stock
Port & Tawny Hanging Tree Wines Tawny Trop Flagon (2L)
Indulge with a 2L flagon of our Tawny Trop!
Liqueur Muscat Flagon (2L)
$120 each
Only 6 left in stock
Muscat Hanging Tree Wines Liqueur Muscat Flagon (2L)
Indulge with a 2L flagon of our Liqueur Muscat!

Gift Ideas

Sparkling Gift Pack
$75 each
Sparkling Gift Pack
Any 2 of our Sparkling wines, 1 x Champagne Stopper, 1 x display box ribboned & ready to be gifted!
$100 "Wine Time" Giftcard
$100 each
$100 "Wine Time" Giftcard
$100 "Wine Time" Giftcard
Piccolo - Chardonnay 187mL
$6 each
Chardonnay Hanging Tree Wines Piccolo - Chardonnay 187mL
Perfect little gift, or when you only want 1 glass for the night!
Piccolo - Shiraz 187mL
$6 each
Shiraz Hanging Tree Wines Piccolo - Shiraz 187mL
Perfect little gift, or when you only want 1 glass for the night!