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 2019 Verdelho
From $30 per bottle
2019 Verdelho Hanging Tree Wines 2019 Verdelho
2019 Verdelho
2019 Chardonnay
From $35 per bottle
Only 48 left in stock
2019 Chardonnay 2019 Chardonnay
2019 Chardonnay
2019 Semillon
From $30 per bottle
Only 31 left in stock
2019 Semillon 2019 Semillon
2019 Semillon
Blacksmith's Reserve Shiraz Cabernet
From $65 per bottle
2013 Shiraz Cabernet Blacksmith's Reserve Shiraz Cabernet
A limited release dedicated to the Blacksmith's House & history of the property
Botrytis Semillon
From $30 per bottle
Botrytis Semillon Botrytis Semillon
Intense honeysuckle and floral aromas make up this dessert wine
Cabernet Sauvignon 'Aprils Selection'
From $40 per bottle
2017 Cabernet Sauvignon Hanging Tree Wines Cabernet Sauvignon 'Aprils Selection'
A superb Cabernet Sauvignon, with a bouquet of ripe plum and marinated black olives.
Grenache Merlot "Mings Selection''
From $50 per bottle
2012 Grenache Blend Grenache Merlot "Mings Selection''
Black plum in colour with aromas of ripe cherries and stewed plum mixed with cloves and spicy nutmeg.
Limited Release 2014 -  Hunter Valley Semillon
From $50 per bottle
2014 Semillon Limited Release 2014 - Hunter Valley Semillon
Beautiful golden colour, zesty lemon flavours with honey & toasty nuttiness.
Limited Release Aged 2014 - Hunter Valley Shiraz
From $80 per bottle
2014 Shiraz Limited Release Aged 2014 - Hunter Valley Shiraz
The palate is peppery and earthy with flavours of plum, blackberry and cherry.
Liqueur Muscat
From $35 per bottle
Muscat Liqueur Muscat
An indulgent delight - sticky date pudding in a bottle!
From $35 per bottle
2016 Merlot Merlot
Special Release: Light, soft and smooth with a hint of cinnamon oak
Petit Verdot
From $40 per bottle
2017 Petit Verdot Petit Verdot
A Juicy Wine with Tight Tannins & Long Finish
From $18 per bottle
This product is currently unavailable
2016 Shiraz Gold Mount Shiraz
2016 Shiraz
Signature Shiraz
From $40 per bottle
2017 Shiraz Hanging Tree Wines Signature Shiraz
Just like your very own signature, our Signature Shiraz has its own identity as a truly unique Hunter Valley Wine
Sparkling Brut
From $30 per bottle
Sparkling White Wine Sparkling Brut
A lively sparkling wine with aromas of toast and honey
Sparkling Moscato
From $30 per bottle
Sweet Sparkling Wine Sparkling Moscato
Flavours of fruit tingle lollies and musk 
Sparkling Shiraz
From $35 per bottle
Sparkling Red Wine Sparkling Shiraz Sparkling Shiraz
Sparkling Shiraz
Sweet Red
From $18 per bottle
Only 39 left in stock
2016 Sweet Reds Gold Mount Sweet Red
2016 Gold Mount Sweet Red
Sweet Shiraz ''Carols Selection''
From $30 per bottle
2016 Sweet Reds Hanging Tree Wines Sweet Shiraz ''Carols Selection''
An exceptional Shiraz where fermentation was stopped early to retain natural fruit sweetness.
Tawny Trop
From $30 per bottle
Port & Tawny Tawny Trop
What is Trop backwards?
Vista Series Shiraz
From $35 per bottle
2016 Shiraz Vista Series Shiraz
A Shiraz that is full flavoured, fruity and luscious.
Vista Series Shiraz Cabernet
From $35 per bottle
2016 Shiraz Cabernet Vista Series Shiraz Cabernet
Made from 2016 Vintage Black Shiraz and Cabernet grapes grown in the Hunter Valley.