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2012 Grenache Merlot - "Ming's Selection''
$50 each
2012 Grenache Blend Hanging Tree Wines 2012 Grenache Merlot - "Ming's Selection''
Ripe cherries, stewed plum, spicy! Enjoy with your favourite roast dinners.
2013 Blacksmith's Reserve Shiraz Cabernet
$65 each
2013 Shiraz Cabernet Hanging Tree Wines 2013 Blacksmith's Reserve Shiraz Cabernet
A limited release dedicated to the Blacksmith's House & history of the property
2014 Cabernet Sauvignon
$35 each
2014 Cabernet Sauvignon 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon
Dark berry fruits, blackcurrant, mocha, soft oak. Enjoy with Asian cuisine, marinated vegetables or roast beef.
2016 Cabernet Merlot
$35 each
2016 Cabernet Blend 2016 Cabernet Merlot
Fresh berries, subtle oak, flavoursome & smooth!
2016 Hunter Valley Merlot
$35 each
2016 Merlot 2016 Hunter Valley Merlot
Strawberry, cinnamon oak, violets, cherry blossom. Subtle tannins.
2016 Mudgee Merlot
$35 each
2016 Merlot Hanging Tree Wines 2016 Mudgee Merlot
Special Release: Light, soft and smooth with a hint of cinnamon oak
2016 Vista Series Shiraz Cabernet
$35 each
2016 Shiraz Cabernet 2016 Vista Series Shiraz Cabernet
Made from 2016 Vintage Black Shiraz and Cabernet grapes grown in the Hunter Valley.
2017 Cabernet Sauvignon 'Aprils Selection'
$45 each
2017 Cabernet Sauvignon Hanging Tree Wines 2017 Cabernet Sauvignon 'Aprils Selection'
A superb Cabernet Sauvignon, with a bouquet of ripe plum and marinated black olives.
2017 Petit Verdot
$40 each
2017 Petit Verdot Hanging Tree Wines 2017 Petit Verdot
A Juicy Wine with Tight Tannins & Long Finish
2017 Signature Shiraz
$45 each
2017 Shiraz Hanging Tree Wines 2017 Signature Shiraz
Just like your very own signature, our Signature Shiraz has its own identity as a truly unique Hunter Valley Wine
2018 Blacksmiths Shiraz Cabernet
$55 each
2018 Shiraz Cabernet 2018 Blacksmiths Shiraz Cabernet
A limited release dedicated to the Blacksmith's Cottage & history of the property.
2018 Vista Shiraz
$35 each
2018 Shiraz 2018 Vista Shiraz
Full flavoured, luscious palate & balance tannin
2019 Durif
$60 each
2019 Durif Hanging Tree Wines 2019 Durif
Vibrant, aromatic, deep in colour and flavour
2019 Shiraz Durif - "Uncle Ken's Selection"
$50 each
2019 Shiraz Blend Hanging Tree Wines 2019 Shiraz Durif - "Uncle Ken's Selection"
Blueberries, black plum, boysenberries, liquorice, violets. Enjoy with rib eye, roast beef, stews, or goat's cheese.
Cabernet Sauvignon - Magnum
$150 each
This product is currently unavailable
2014 Cabernet Sauvignon Cabernet Sauvignon - Magnum
Rich palate with intense dark berry fruits of blackcurrant integrated with nuances of mocha and oak characters
Cazz's Indulgent Shiraz
$30 each
2019 Sweet Reds Hanging Tree Wines Cazz's Indulgent Shiraz
Delicate red fruit, silky smooth tannins. Serve chilled with pasta, pizza, cheese.