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2021 Vista Shiraz
$35 each
2021 Shiraz 2021 Vista Shiraz
Red cherries, smooth, light & easy
2019 Vista Shiraz Cabernet
$40 each
2019 Shiraz Cabernet 2019 Vista Shiraz Cabernet
Ripe red cherries, mulberries and dark fruit flavours
2017 Petit Verdot
$40 each
2017 Petit Verdot Hanging Tree Wines 2017 Petit Verdot
A Juicy Wine with Tight Tannins & Long Finish
2020 Lauren's Cabernet Merlot
$50 each
2020 Cabernet Merlot Hanging Tree Wines 2020 Lauren's Cabernet Merlot
Dedicated to our cellar door manager, Lauren. It's positively vibrant, well-balanced, soft, round & easy!
2019 Durif
$60 each
2019 Durif Hanging Tree Wines 2019 Durif
Vibrant, aromatic, deep in colour and flavour
2019 Shiraz Durif
$60 each
2019 Shiraz Blend Hanging Tree Wines 2019 Shiraz Durif
Blueberries, black plum, boysenberries, liquorice, violets. Enjoy with rib eye, roast beef, stews, or goat's cheese.
2018 Blacksmith's Shiraz Cabernet
$120 each
2018 Shiraz Cabernet 2018 Blacksmith's Shiraz Cabernet
Rich plum fruit, licorice, boysenberries, creamy vanillin oak
2019 Blacksmith's Shiraz Cabernet
$120 each
2019 Red Wine 2019 Blacksmith's Shiraz Cabernet
Elegant, rich & creamy
2020 Shiraz Cabernet Fire Edition
$35 each
2020 Shiraz Cabernet 2020 Shiraz Cabernet Fire Edition
A beautiful blend made from an unforgettable fire year.
Piccolo - Shiraz 187mL
$6 each
Shiraz Hanging Tree Wines Piccolo - Shiraz 187mL
Perfect little gift, or when you only want 1 glass for the night!

Sweets & Fortifieds

Tawny Trop Flagon (2L)
$120 each
Only 5 left in stock
Port & Tawny Hanging Tree Wines Tawny Trop Flagon (2L)
Indulge with a 2L flagon of our Tawny Trop!
Liqueur Muscat Flagon (2L)
$150 each
Only 2 left in stock
Muscat Hanging Tree Wines Liqueur Muscat Flagon (2L)
Indulge with a 2L flagon of our Liqueur Muscat!